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Sub Committee
"Sub Committee logo"The SubCommittee is a not-for-profit organization of members from around the globe who all share an interest in submarines, primarily the building of models of them, both display and radio controlled.

That interest extends to the history and design of submarines of all nations and eras, research and reference material about submarines, specific information on building model submarines, both static-display and radio-controlled, reviews of model kits and sources of modeling supplies, the collecting of submarine memorabilia and anything else submarine related.

Direct contact between members by phone, email, letter, and our message boards is promoted. The SubCommittee is at its core an information network of friends helping friends.

Additionally, it conducts an annual model submarine regatta, which is hosted in different parts of the country.

To see what this regatta is like, see The SubCommittee Photos page!

The SubCommittee is a non-profit mutual-benefit group and is not affiliated with any vendor or model manufacturer." ... more
Modell Uboot.deModell Uboot.de
Modell Uboot.de
"My personel favorites are pure underwater vehicles that are designed for optimum submerged performance. My choice of originals for this catalog is a mirror of this preference: You can find very old and very modern submarines." ... more
Alexander Engel logoAlexander Engel logo"Alexander Engel KG was founded in 1952 in Knittlingen/Baden-Wuerttemberg, a state in the South West of Germany where it has remained ever since.

Model hobby was an increasingly prosperous business after the Second World War. In these days Alexander Engel was mostly involved in the manufacturing of model engines and modelling accessories.

By the end of the 1950s Alexander Engel had made several prosperous contacts to US manufacturers such as Cox, Testor, DeBolt Engineering and other leading US brands which he managed to distribute successfully in Germany for over two decades.

In the 1960s Engel was mainly involved in development and manufacturing of model kits of his own brand such as the legendary Me109, Red Falcon (Roter Adler) and the Telemaster whose design has been copied by many other companies up to this day.

The most renowned engineers in model hobby had their start with Alexander Engel, such as Dieter Schlueter (now a subsidiary of Robbe/Schlueter) and Siegfried Kussmaul (former CEO of Multiplex, now a part of HitTech Corp.). Companies such as Krick were founded mainly by the financial commitment of Alexander Engel in those days." ... more
The Scale Shipyard
The Scale Shipyard
"The Scale Shipyard is the world's largest producer of high quality fiberglass hulls and resin detail parts for ship modelers. Since 1979 we have been designing, building and offering the highest quality parts for the professional and hobbyist. The company was founded by Wm. Lee Upshaw when, as an avid builder of model ships, he could not find high quality parts or kits for the ships he wished to make.

Our goal from the very beginning has been to make the highest possible quality parts at a price a serious modeler could afford. We accomplish this through extensive research and strictly adhering to official sources and shipyard drawings to construct our master patterns. The same quality hulls and fittings that are available to you can be found in prestigious museums and in the US Navy's research laboratories.

From the drafting table to the finished product, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail is lavished in each step of the process. Our custom built hulls are hand laid (not mechanically shot into a mold with a "chopper gun". We build are hulls using one layer of fiberglass cloth over another layer of matt for unmatched strength while still maintaining the light weight critical for operational models.

Most of our hulls come with a set of plans to help you complete the model. We also offer an extensive line of polymer and white metal fittings, weapons kits, photoetched parts and many other accessories to help you complete your project." ... more
RC Submarines
RC Submarines: US Seawolf Project in 1/96 scale: Thordesign RC

"Rc-Sub.com is dedicated to the hobby of Remote Controlled Submarines and submarine modelling. Within its pages, you will find writeups and photos of various projects that I have completed, am working on, or plan to complete in the future."


"My own tastes in subjects varies widely, ranging from a select list of modern military submarines such as the Russian Typhoon or the Canadian Victoria Class, to the crazy fantasy submarines such as the Nautilus from Disney's 1954 movie or the latest League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." ... more
TenderTale logo

"FX Models is a New England based model and animation studio composed of lifelong modelers possessing a mutual desire to provide the finest in the modeling and special effects industry. We create operational in-camera and static special effects miniatures for productions, create prototypes, build CG models and animations, and construct scale models for Defense Contractors.

We have a verifiably excellent record and are able to consistently provide excellent quality for a very reasonable investment.

Our core team of Marc, Ed, Tom, Jeff, Gary, and Matt, has over 100 years combined experience and works in most mediums including urethanes, fiberglass, plastics, and foams in order to deliver top quality to our clients." ... more
Submarines and submarine sailors

"from US, Royal and Royal Australian Navies can be found here.

Find your old shipmates and information on your boat.

Use th "shipmate finder" database to find an old shipmate"
Maxitrak logo
the Vanguard"OTW Designs produces model submarines for the serious modeller. We do our very best to be as accurate and detailed as possible. Our models are museum quality, and designed fully in-house. The designs have been thoroughly tested for in excess of six years, and found to satisfy the requirements of the most exacting model makers.

Many independent opinions hold that these are probably the best submarine models available anywhere today.

The Type 7 model, in particular, has received accolades from America and Germany, amongst others, and has been described as "probably the best crafted (model submarine) kit available anywhere in the world".

Every single model on this site has been constructed from start to finish by Bob Dimmack and his partner Steve Warner, who have conducted all the research, design, and development.

Although the models will make superb static display items, they are primarily intended for use on, in, and under the water. All models can take the OTW Designs dive system. This system - sized to suit the model in question - works by true submarine action. To submerge, water is pumped into ballast tanks, compressing the air trapped inside them. The density of the submarine is thus increased, and this allows submergence. To surface, water is pumped out of the ballast tanks, allowing the trapped air to expand. This reduces the density of the submarine and causes it to surface.

Despite popular belief to the contrary, only relatively small changes in density are required - or desired! If the density is slightly less than that of water, the sub will surface (float); if it is slightly greater than water, it will submerge (sink)." ... more
A site for model submariners and model submarines.

Mike's Subworks
Mike's SubworksMike's SubworksThe hobby of Radio Controlled Submarines has come a long way in the last 2 decades. With the advancement of building materials, electronic devices and technologies, and the introduction of clubs devoted to Model Submarines, modeling these fascinating craft has become easier than ever.

The products listed in this catalog were born out of the NEED to make building a model submarine simple and straightforward enough for the average modeler. In order to make building these models easier, a "Plain Vanilla" approach was developed. Modular components were then created to aid the builder in the construction of these fascinating models.

In addition to the "Plain Vanilla" construction approach, affordability was a major concern. What good are pre-fabricated parts if you can’t afford them? The products in this catalog will appeal to the modeler with a realistic budget. Many of the items listed in this catalog are less than $50.00, with the more elaborate items notably less than that of the competition.

If you want to build a model submarine, outfit or upgrade an existing model, we have the electronic and mechanical components you’ll need. Customer satisfaction, and product quality / dependability are our goals. In adherence to these goals, we strive to keep order turn-around time to a minimum, and to work with every customer to achieve the highest possible level of customer service.

Created by an enthusiast, the aim of the company LECMA RC is to improve model submarine kit.
Our goal is to create submarine model kit with a high level of conception and prefabrication with the best price and quality.
The Typhoon submarine kit was well known as a successful model in Europe.
Rogue Sub Works
"Rogue Sub Works (RSW) was created with the submarine modeler in mind. We offer a growing selection of products for the discriminating radio controlled submariner

Rogue Sub Works have a full line of kits, electronics and parts for the radio controlled submarine modeller and are pleased to announce the arrival of our MCS. This new system offers more flexibility than any other kit on the market. It allows you to use the same Engine Room Module and Battery Module for all your submarines."... more
The Nautilus Drydocks
The Nautilus Drydocks "The Nautilus Drydocks is a portal for those individuals wishing to acquire the most accurate in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea memorabilia and replicas.

The craftsmen and artists that put these products together are amongst the most informed leagues historians in the industry. Their experience spans decades.

The combined talents of these artisans make for a unique working ensemble, dedicated to exacting recreations, and not interpretations, of the now classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea film." ... more
type XXI boat U-2540 About uboat.net

"On this site you will find all the German U-boats of both World Wars, their commanding officers and operations including all Allied ships attacked, technological information and much more. You can also browse our large photo gallery and thousands of U-boat books and movies. While hundreds of U-boats were lost some of the boats are preserved as museums today."

"We also have a huge section covering the Allied forces and their struggle with the U-boat threat – not to mention the Pacific war. Included there are all the Allied Warships and thousands of Allied Commanding officers from all the major navies (US Navy, Royal Navy, …) plus technical pages and information on the air forces." ... more
totalnavy.com logo

online resource for all things that are navy!
german u-boats - u-boot viic 1942
german u-boats and battle of the atlantic
on these pages, you will learn about the history of the battle of the atlantic, and the role german u-boats played during the war. from the pre-war period of the polish crisis, to the triumphs of the german u-boats, to the technological advances which turned the tide and led to the ultimate defeat of the u-boats in the atlantic.u-boat type xxi elektroboat u-3504
type xxi elektroboat u-3504
the Gato Model Page
u-boat type xxi elektroboat u-3504About Gatosubs Model Pages

This page was estabilshed by model builders who like to share their experiences and material around the Gato and Balao Class submarines. One of the main responsibilities is to give a good overview about the available sources of books, plans and kits as well as to give information about them by customers. The page is also there to give helping advice about the question how others had built their subs and to show different possibilities of solving problems when works on the boat get stuck. At last, the page should be a place to find detailed photos and general information about the original boats because not everybody lives next to a museum ship.

other web address: gato-submarines.com
Ships n’ ThingsShips n’ Things
U-boat U2540Scale model of the type XXI submarine to 1:40 scale for dynamic diving

"The U-boat U2540 was built at the Blohm und Voss yard in Hamburg in 1944, and the vessel was commissioned in January 1945. During the crew training phase in early May 1945 the boat was attacked by a British bomber off Fehmarn, and was eventually scuttled by the crew. By this point in history this was a typical fate of the last U-boats commissioned by the German War Navy.

Many years later the infant Federal Republic of Germany had become a member of NATO, and was looking for a suitable vessel on which to base the submarines of the Federal Navy; this was when the fate of the U2540 was recalled: the boat which had lain on the bottom of the sea for 12 years. In 1957 she was raised, brought to Kiel and completely re-built. On 01.09.1960 the submarine was re-christened ´Wilhelm Bauer´, and was commissioned into the German Federal Navy." ... more
Cold War Submarines
Cold War Submarines: Puget Sound Navy Museum
"Cold War Submarines was started in 2003 when Mel Douyette, the owner, decided he wanted a model of each of the two submarines he served on. Mel ordered kits to build the two boats. When Mel received the kits and saw how small and generic they were, he decided to build his own larger scale replicas.

After building the two larger replicas, a close friend suggested building a web site and offering the models to other submarine veterans. Cold War Submarines was born! At about the same time as Cold War Submarines came into being, Mel was "down-sized" after 30 years in industry traveling the world. So Mel decided to pursue building "submarine replicas" seriously.

After graduating from high school in 1968, Mel joined the US Navy. Mel was asked to volunteer for submarine duty. He "qualified" and served on two United States Submarines, first a diesel boat and then a nuclear fast attack submarine. Mel's first boat was the USS Cusk SS-348. His second boat was the USS Permit SSN-594. As a member of the Permit crew, Mel participated in several covert operations.

Mel has been a member of United States Submarine Veterans, Incorporated (USSVI) since 1995. He is a founding member of the USSVI - Great Lakes Base. He served the first year as the vice-commander and since then as the treasurer for the organization.

After leaving the US Navy, Mel first earned an Engineering degree, then a Business degree and finally an MBA, all while struggling to attend night school and raise a family at the same time. Mel now spends his time substitute teaching at a local high school several days a week and then building submarines late into the night and weekends.

As of 2010, Mel has built over 500 World War II and Cold War Submarine replicas and is proud to offer the most complete line of 1/192 scale US submarine models in the world.

Mel is continuously looking for ways to expand Cold War Submarines by offering quality submarine-related merchandise for submarine veterans." ... more
Submarine Virtual Tour
image nonplused.org: The USS Albacore
The USS Albacore
image nonplused.org: The USS Pampanito
The USS Pampanito
image nonplused.org: USS Blueback - SS-581
The USS Blueback - SS-581
image nonplused.org:The Soviet Submarine B-427
The Soviet Submarine B-427
Submarine Ship’s Store
Clic for your Research of Books on Amazone about the Submarine: Design & Story
Research on Amazone of Submarine Model Kits
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